10 Tips to Use Facebook Responsibly

Facebook can be an amazing social communication medium if used properly. Posting light-hearted material and broaching topics which require greater thought can be a wonderful way to use the social network. By mixing up your post themes, adding imagery and asking questions you can use the network responsibly and connect with many like-minded individuals.

Stop Revealing TMI

Revealing TMI, or too much information, can make you a Facebook outcast. Nobody cares what you have for breakfast every day for 5 days straight. Share frequently but share sparingly.

Become a Sharing and Caring Facebook User

Your Facebook profile should include updates from your buddies. Sharing your stream is a kind act which rarely goes unnoticed by your buddies. If you want to earn social media karmic brownie points tag someone if you share their status updates; the simple act of tagging expands their presence and helps them meet new friends on the network.

Be a Chatty Facebook User

Put your attention on other people by responding to their updates and liking their latest status updates. By focusing on other people you instantly become more attractive. People like people who listen. Be a listener. Chat individuals up and Like updates to prove that you are listening and that you care.

Do Not Reveal too Much Personal Information

This tip is a bit different from the aforementioned TMI tip. In this case you might feel compelled to share your cell phone number or home address on Facebook which is a no-no. Hackers can gain access to whatever information you make available on the web, even if you maintain strict privacy settings. If you wish to share your private contact information or home address call an individual and provide your information over the phone.

Keep Things Tasteful

Seeing a particularly disgusting status update on Facebook can make you unfriend someone at the speed of light. Stop acting like a child. Think about the image you convey with each status update. Think before posting. If you would not share this update with your parents you might want to think twice about posting the update on Facebook.

Get a Life

Even if you can post updates 24-7 by sharing your status through a handheld device think twice about stuffing the feed every 5 to 10 minutes. Annoying people is one thing but by spamming the feed you tend to turn the majority of people off, even folks who vibe with you and share a similar viewpoint on life. Get a life. Post on Facebook a few times each day then interact with individuals in offline social settings.

Stay Fit

Many social media addicts struggle with weight or health problems. Sitting in front of a computer for hours each day on Facebook after you have worked or attended class for 6 to 10 hours means you have little time to exercise or eat right. Think about your health and then get down to working out in order to portray a positive image to your friends and improve your overall wellness.

Inject Your Personality Into Your Posts

If you really want to connect with like-minded people try filling out your profile in great detail. Individuals who share similar viewpoints can more easily find honest, sharing individuals.

Use Pictures

People tend to love eye candy posted to Facebook because a single feature speaks volumes. Post images to your Facebook profile to inspire individuals. Maybe you can share images from your latest vacation to the tropics or perhaps you can post images from your weekend family get together. Since most people dig seeing pictures you will be sure to reel in many old and new friends by posting images.

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