Reviews: Is it a Scam Or Legit? Reviews It is like a netoge in the application of the smartphone. People who are addicted to the app usually do not have PCs. If you have the opportunity to touch the net games in the future, you think that you are addicted to plenty of things. It’s more flexible than a smartphone, and there are always people, so it is always easier to communicate with. I can not netoge. A high degree of freedom game. I wish I could see FLETH Netoge. Then I could use it. After all PC is more flexible. I can remember the game screen, but I can not remember the name. Action, I think that it was feeling that there is freedom in character make-up and play, the netoge that came out in about the year’s year, the atmosphere is like a medieval Europe (an impression resembling Daxo), but who understands?

PSO 2 is SF fantasy MO. In multi, up to 12 people can act. Character makeup with a high degree of freedom is possible. As trading and stalls require billing, the higher the level becomes, the more premium (month 1300 yen) feels essential. Levels are easy to rise, the threshold of the equipment has fallen, so it’s quite fun to be new. Because it is Netoge, the capacity of the computer is messed up. Super heavy. But because it has a high degree of freedom, it is fun to hunt, PVP, agriculture and trade, anything you can do. I think that the operation policy of this ship is amazing just by experiencing other negotiators doing market quake destruction or widening job gap widely in Appde. Just a little desire I want to strengthen the aircraft carrier in the final event area to improve freedom of the aircraft carrier. Kaga I do not want to be forced. I wanted to do it by trying to win with a number of violence, which is not freedom of build and organization, but I do not have a recent netoge.

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