Associates Degree in Medical Assisting!

You always have the opportunity to change jobs.  It may not be the best time in your life, but the option is out there.  For many people who have been laid off or are looking for a new career and an end to a previously boring and unfulfilling job, changing jobs is just what they are looking for.  Entering a new profession however isn’t always as simple as applying to a job and getting it.  Many professions require education before you begin.

One of the hottest jobs currently on the market is the medical assistant.*  Responsible for a myriad of tasks and crucial to the proper functioning of a medical environment, the medical assistant is a merge between administrative assistant and medical worker.  Though challenging, medical assistant offers a whole host of new and exciting opportunities.  So then, what exactly does a medical assistant do, and what kind of education is required?  Lets take a look.

What Does a Medical Assistant Do?
As stated before, a medical assistant combines the work of an administrative assistant with numerous clinical duties.  That means, you will probably be responsible for knowing and using computer applications, answering telephones and scheduling appointments, being primary intake for patients, keeping up to date medical records for patients, maintaining the strictest confidentiality, scheduling appointments, arranging hospital services, and keeping track of the book keeping.*1 

Why is an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting Necessary?
Though you may be eligible for this position do to past work experience, many people are finding it necessary to return to college in order to get the medical training necessary to function in the position.  In addition, the heavy reliance on computer information requires a firm understanding of computers and relevant software. 

An associates degree in medical assisting will set you up and provide everything you need for the workplace.  This will include practical information regarding how to help run an office, as well as specific training with database software and confidentiality.  Given that this is an associates degree, the average time for completion can run between one and two years.

After getting an associates degree, an internship or volunteer work is usually not necessary, but can help you get a position if you are in a particularly difficult job market.  Besides that, the best thing you can do is try to get relevant experience in similar positions to help you break into the profession.

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