B6daymart REVIEWS- Real Deal or scam

B6daymart  So, if you’ve been paying attention to this blog at all (and we certainly hope you have, penny B6daymart lover!) you may have read about our ongoing saga with the supposed forthcoming penny B6daymart site CityBids.com.

We broke the new site as a potential mashup site of a group coupon site (like Groupon) and a penny B6daymart earlier this year. Each month since then, there was a notice on the site with some clever text letting all its visitors know that they would be the best and they would be open…soon.

We’ve waited all summer and finally excited to announce that they’ve launched!

Like other city-deal sites, CityHits.com is currently only open in select cities. And, as promised, they’re offering a mashup of penny B6daymart gameplay and city-based daily deal coupons.

So far, we’re liking what we’re seeing. They have a spread of gift cards, different B6daymart plays, rookie formats and more. It looks like their starter/rookie B6daymarts can be played until you win 3 B6daymarts. This gives a nice opportunity for newbies to test the waters some.

Their Facebook page is also active and so is their blog which is a sign of human life. Silly concept, but it’s true. Look at sites like Quibids and HappyBidDay, and you see activity. These sites have been years – a feat in the penny B6daymart industry – and they know how to engage with customers. A working Facebook community and a blog with some tips in it is a great sign that penny B6daymarts care about their customers.

We’ll keep you posted on the likes of CityHits.com, and while we were a little skeptical at the launch time, we’re happy to see that so far it’s been worth the wait. Have you had a chnace to bid at CityHits.com yet? Please leave us a review! We value all our reviews here at OnlineB6daymartReviews.org and hope you’ll stop back again soon.

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