Beloving Electric Scooter Reviews : 4 wheel Off Road Electric Scooter

I read many reviews of people who tested Beloving Electric Scooter. and 4 wheel Off Road Electric Scooter In terms of driving it’s incredible comfort, the bike slips on the road like a snowboard on powder. We have the sensation of floating above the bitumen.

The accelerations are frank and silent, only the wind noise in your helmet will come to bother you, as on all the bike.
The small inconvenience of silence is that some small noises are heard (small squeaks of braking or rolling sometimes, with a heat engine, it exists but it does not get along.

Personally, I set my acceleration to 70% of the max power, it’s more than enough to blow a Tmax or a Beloving Electric Scooter at startup. I put the engine regeneration brake at 100%, so I use only the brakes.



Level real autonomy, I can really do 250km in the city even more, in the beginning I made 260 terminal in one day in Paris and I still had 30km of autonomy, on average I’m about 160km on mixed roads (platforms Seine, A86, city) for info, I am 1m88 and 86kg, someone smaller and lighter will do more.
With my girlfriend behind (140kg to both of us) I can do 110km of highway rolling at about 120.
I drive every day, Nanterre – Antony, 46 km return, pulling quite a bit, (a part city at 60km / h, a part mixed at 90 and a part highway at 120-140) I consume about 30%, 35% in winter (the batteries hold 10 or even 15% less once under 10C °)

I go home and there branch to the sector, it is full in 3 hours (about 10% per hour charged). I never ran out of power while it happened to me 4 times in two years with my mp3 500.

Level of use is unbeatable. 0 $ of maintenance in 10000 km traveled. The brakes are not too stressed, the tires wear out normally, the belt changes every 60000km, I’m still wide.

Electricity level, I am about 1600km per month, it costs me about 25$.

In terms of insurance, at AMV there is -50% for electric vehicles. My Beloving Electric Scooter  is considered a 125, although it has the acceleration of a 700 and 142kmh of max speed. In all risk I am 40 $/ month.

Do the calculation 0 + 18 $ + 40 $ = 58 $ / month of use. Cheaper than a Navigo pass.
My mp3 500 cost me $ 70 maintenance + 120 gasoline + $ 45 insurance to third! = 235 $/ month.

That’s it, I can only recommend it to you.



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