Best schools in the U.S. to become a Medical Assistant !

We have prepared a list of the best schools in the U.S. to become a Medical Assistant. The Medical Assistant position has been a respected career in the healthcare industry and it is expected to grow more by 29% between the years of 2012 to 2022 which is much faster than average . A few years of training are usually needed to become a medical assistant at a selected university. With so many universities out there offering a medical assistant degree programs, the choice of picking the right university is something tricky. There are a few things to consider when choosing the best school, namely the programs offered, the accreditation of the courses, costs and so forth.

Thus, the 5 best schools in the U.S. to become a medical assistant have been listed for you in order to point you in the right direction if you are in the need of a push to get you started. The following schools are:

1. Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – Wisconsin based college offers accredited medical assisting programs consisting of 33 credits of general and mixed educational courses. The course could only take about one year because one has the freedom to choose the dedicated class load. Furthermore, each student will have the opportunity to complete administrative and clinical externships as part of the program. The requirements needed before applying for the program would be to have a clean record and a valid CPR certification.

2. Bryant & Stratton College – This accredited school offers an AAS degree in Medical Assistant. Their Medical Assistant program lasts for two years which syndicates liberal arts courses with the clinical and medical coursework. The school also provides complete externships before the completion of the program. Furthermore, the school staff helps the students sit for the AAMA certification and career placement.

3. Kaplan College – Is a well-known school for having great programs associated in health learning. The Medical Assistant program that they offer lasts for about one year and is offered in 40 campuses in the U.S. The program is well accredited by great majority because it sits students for the AAMA certificate after graduation.

4. Globe University – Is an accredited school that requires a 21 month medical assistant degree program. This program will help students learn in combination of clinical and medical coursework and liberal arts courses. The students will have the opportunity to complete their externships during the program as well as sitting for the AAMA certification after graduating.  

5. Pima Medical Institute – This school offers a 9 month program for a Medical Assistant Diploma.  This program will teach students to be focused in courses such as administration, health, clinical practices and general education.  After completing the program, students will be assisted in finding employment if needed and they will also sit for the AAMA certification exam.

There are many more high-quality universities offering medical assistant degrees – one only has to choose a program that best fits his/her needs.

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