Ezraider Electric Scooter Reviews: Should you buy it?

Ezraider Electric Scooter is now back in stock and even better than before.  It now comes a with Econo/Turbo mode button.  Econo mode is designed for longer distance travel while turbo mode is designed for speed.  Additionally, the 800watt motor used in the Super Turbo is a ‘TRUE’ 800watt motor, unlike many other manufacturers who exaggerate on motor wattage.  Super Cycles even guarantees this scooter is more powerful than any 1000watt scooter on the market today! The Super Turbo 800watt Elite now comes with deep cell lead acid batteries which provide even more run time on …

Ezraider Electric Scooter Review

The Ezraider Electric Scooter is the bigger brother to the popular eZip 500 scooter. The E750 comes standard with a standing deck as well as a removable seat for longer periods of use. This scooter also is stated to have a 12 mile travel range per charge (depending on rider weight of course), with a top speed of 15mph. The Ezraider Electric Scooter offers a comfortable, smooth ride due to its unique front suspension fork. The seat can easily be removed or installed with a the quick-disconnect kit included with this scooter. Additional features include the rugged, high tension steel deck and battery …

Ezraider Electric Scooter Super Turbo 1000 Watt Scooter

The Super Turbo 1000 Watt Scooter is perhaps the highest powered electric scooter for adults you will find anywhere.  It is in fact the fastest produced compact electric scooter, and is powered by Lithium batteries!  The Super Turbo 1000 utilizes the same frame arrangement as the highly regarded 800 watt scooter, only with a different motor, electronics, sprockets & chain, and a high tech lithium battery.  The Super Turbo 1000 Watt Scooter is rated for a top speed of 32mph and a range of 23 miles on each charge, statistics that simply cannot be matched by any other manufacturer.  Similarly powered scooters

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