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Got cakes on The low Meaning – In the event that somebody has accomplished something exceptionally moronic, impolite, or egotistical, you can say that they Got cakes on The low or that what they have done takes the cake, to underline your shock at their conduct.

Previous NBA player Ty Lawson has been prohibited from the Chinese Basketball Association after purportedly making disdainful and hostile Instagram posts with respect to Chinese ladies, as indicated by numerous reports.

The Fujian Sturgeons — the Chinese group Lawson has played for since 2019 — said the 32-year-old Lawson will never again be in the group, disavowing the gatekeeper due to “wrong remarks” he purportedly posted via web-based media, as per ESPN.

The Sturgeons said in an explanation that Lawson — who played in the NBA for eight seasons from 2009-2017 — posted the improper remarks on Sept. 18, considering it an infringement of the group’s “social duties and basic beliefs” strategy.

“His wrong words are conflicting with the social obligations and qualities maintained our club and have brought genuine unfriendly social effects on the club and the group. We won’t sign him for the new season,” the Sturgeons said in an announcement, as per Chinese state news organization Xinhua.

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