How Much Does A Medical Assistant Make !

How Much Does A Medical Assistant Make? Well there are countless occupations in the medical field, and with so many options it can be easy to become confused.  Some require many years of education, while others require no formal training at all.  Some include high paying salaries, while others make considerably less.  While the focus typically rests on positions related to nursing and technology, medical assistants earn a healthy salary without going through years of costly education.  Before asking questions like “how much does a medical assistant make” we must consider the other factors involved in one’s salary to form a full understanding of the position and its duties. None the least are the considerable savings of both time and money from not having to spend many more years in expensive schooling.

How Much Does A Medical Assistant Make? Let’s Break Down Some Factors.

How much a medical assistant makes depends on many factors, not the least of which is education.  Some high schools actually offer medical assisting programs that may be taken even as student proceed with their secondary education, allowing students to take steps towards a more profitable career before they earn their first diploma.  Other opportunities can be found through postsecondary vocational programs.  These typically involve only one year of classes, culminating in a certificate or diploma.  Many individuals seeking the highest return on their investment proceed with two year Associate’s degree programs, and others still go forward with a full Bachelor’s program.  Regardless of the format of education, students in medical assistant programs can expect classes to cover basic anatomy and physiology, first aid, laboratory techniques, medical terminology, and even transcription and medical coding.

How Much Does A Medical Assistant Make In Reality?

So how much does a medical assistant make?  In 2008, the median annual salary of individuals in the field was just over $28,000.  While the lowest paying 10% of jobs offered as little as $20,600, the highest earners made over $40,000.  Given that positions in the field often do not require a four year college degree, most earning can be used in whatever direction workers see fit, free of college loan debt.

Perhaps most importantly, projections for the future of the field suggest rampant growth over the coming decade.  In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment for medical assistants may grow by as much as 34 percent, far faster than the national average rate of growth.  As a result, employees in the field with some education above high school, a few years of experience, or certification should find ample job opportunities.  As such positions grow more in demand, the amount that a medical assistant makes can be expected to increase as well.  In short, by the year 2020 there are expected to be over 650,000 medical assistant jobs, making it one of the most inviting fields around.

Those working as medical assistants make a difference in their communities and help others become and remain healthy.  As such, it is a rewarding field that allows employees satisfaction and fulfillment without forcing them to spend thousands of dollars on a costly education.  Becoming a medical assistant is a decision that can change an individual’s life for the better, but only if that person has carefully considered everything involved with such a chose and has deemed it right for them.

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