Intel XR – For Increased Brain Power

Created to improve your brain functions, Intel XR is an over the counter supplement.  It is a specifically designed supplement that improves the performance of your brain, gives you more energy, and increases your focus.  Intel XR uses only the most effective formula on the market to naturally unlock your brain’s full potential.

How Does Intel XR Work?

The goal of Intel XR is not to just improve your energy and alertness; it is also created to support your other brain functions.  Many people consume energy drinks and other caffeinated drinks to boost energy, but they do not boost your focus.  Intel XR gives you the best of all improvements, the natural ingredients included in the supplement improve your focus and memory as well as improving your brain energy.

Increased Energy

Intel XR gives you the energy that you need to perform at the top of your game.  You will have the energy to make it through the long night or have your best presentation at your next meeting.

You will be able to increase your energy without the jittery side effects or crashing once the supplement is out of your body.  You will notice the difference in your body’s energy level minutes after taking the supplement.  The natural ingredients will give you energy for a full 6 hours without any of the nasty side effects that come with other supplements and prescription medications.

Intel XR – The Ultimate Brain Pill

  • Is your job getting any easier?
  • Do you feel you need more hours in one day?
  • Do you feel a lack of energy and episodes of brain freeze?

Improved Focus

You will quickly discover that your brain is “awakened” when you use Intel XR.  Your brain will quickly process more date, retain more information, and think more clearly.  You will have the concentration to work smarter and longer to get the job completed with Intel XR; you will also be able to complete that job with more accuracy.

Intel XR gives you the advantage you need to avoid distractions and stay completely focused, motivated, and alert to finish any project.

Increased Brain Power

Intel XR uses only the best, maximum strength nootropics that are known to improve your performance, vigilance and brain functions.  100% of your brains potential will be unlocked with nootropics as they enhance cognitive functions and increase your energy, naturally, to provide you with higher levels of alertness and motivation.

How Do Nootropics Improve Brain Function?

Nootropics are substances that improve your brain functions.  Foods, stimulants, and caffeine are all forms of nootropics.  Nootropics increase your learning and memory processes by stimulating the NMDA glutamate receptors to improve the overall function of your neurotransmitter acetylcholine via cholinergic (Ach) receptors.

The five most common neurotransmitters that they affect are acetylcholine, dopamine, glutamate, GABA, and serotonin.  Each of the neurotransmitters pass information between your brain cells and neurons.


Intel XR uses only all natural ingredients to increase mental awareness, focus, and memory.  Each ingredient is effective without harming your body.

Tyrosine helps promote mental alertness through creating neurotransmitters that effectively keep you focused and alert, as well as offering numerous other benefits.  Tyrosine is a fundamental chemical that helps create dopamine, a mood influencing neurotransmitter.  Having a positive attitude will help you have more energy and stay more focused.

GABA is actually found in many supplements.  GABA is a chemical that inhibits neurotransmitters from becoming overexcited, this in turns gives you the ability to stay more clearly focused.

Bacopa Monnieri increases blood flow to the brain which boosts cognitive functions improving memory and performance.  This chemical comes from a plant known as Brahmi which is well known as an herb used in alternative medication to help prevent brain conditions.

Alpha GPC is an integral part of healthy cognition as it helps maintain the proper function of neurotransmitters.  Alpha GPC has been given as a nonprescription medication to aid in cognitive disorders.  It helps create choline, which is an essential molecule for optimal health.

Vinpocetine is a plant extract that improves the brain’s ability to produce glucose by increasing the amount ATP energy that the brain produces. Vinpcetine comes from the periwinkle plant and is a great anti-inflammatory as well as its ability to help improve blood flow.

Huperzine A inhibits acetolcholinesterases ability to break down acetylcholine.  Huperzine is extracted from club moss and is able to improve the level of neurtotransmitters.

Does Intel XR have Side Effects?

The most common side effect is very similar to caffeine abuse.  It has been found that if taken in large quantities you may suffer from headaches, a rush of energy followed by a sudden crash, dizziness, shakiness, confusion, or even some vomiting.

Intel XR is a supplement that gives you more energy, more focus, and more motivation.  However, it is still recommended that you take Intel XR in moderation.  One to two doses a day will be enough to sustain you.  Any more than that may result in one of the above mentioned side effects.

One other side effect that has been encountered is a sudden rash that goes away in a short amount of time.  The rash is attributed to an allergic reaction to one or more of the natural ingredients.  Be sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before using Intel XR.

Intel XR is created using natural herbs and chemicals, each person may react differently to the combination.  However, taken once or twice a day it has been shown to greatly improve one’s memory, concentration, and energy.

Where Do I Purchase Intel XR?

You can purchase one month’s supply for $39.95 or you can purchase two or three month supplies at better values.  You will see results within the first month, or you will receive a full refund on your purchase.

When you make the purchase it is important to remember that the product is not approved by the FDA, nor is it intended for those under the age of 18.  The ingredients are natural and your body will have extreme positive reactions.

Although you will begin to see results immediately, it may take some time for the complete results to appear.  You will immediately be able to notice your focus increase, and given time you will be able to notice an increase in energy levels, memory, and productivity.

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