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Why am I gaining weight on keto diet? Or how to get enough fat on keto diet

When you are using keto Diet, your calories started to get count, even also at the ketogenic diet. So, if you are starting to intake lot of calories and your caloric spending started to get above. It means that you are starting to eat more than your body requirements. As the result, you are starting to gain lot of weight. The manufacturer of Keto Diet said that is a completely satisfying formulation that you need in the case you will overeat than y9our weight will gained. You need to burn your calories by doing lot of workout in your regular routine as the result you will never gain your weight by using the Keto Diet.

How much magnesium is required on keto diet?

You must intake for about 400 milligram of magnesium per day, that is really important for all those who are using the Keto Diet. Keto diet supplement foods that are enriched with magnesium are added with:

  1. Almonds that are about 75 mg per 1 oz and it is moreover added with some other nuts.
  2. It is added with the cacao powder and with the dark chocolate that is about 80 mg each 1 table spoon and with the cacao powder.
  3. It is added with the artichokes that is about 75 mg per normal portion.
  4. It is added with the fish that is about 60 mg per normal filet of the salmon.
  5. It is moreover added with the spinach which is cooked and it is about 75 mg per cup that is the full source of magnesium.

How much saturated fat on keto diet?

Some kind of saturated fats, like the ghee and other virgin coconut oil might have deliver you the documented health aids. The processing, storing condition and the excellence of fats all have the part to show in the composite association among with diet and other disease.  But, general it has been exposed that the healthy diet, that is enriched with the nutritious green vegies, will decrease the dangers of most lifestyle illnesses. Keep remember that the, weight reduction, regular exercise, stable blood pressure and control diabetes by using the keto diet will deliver you the greater impact for your general health than whether you will intake saturated fats as a part of your balanced keto diet.

what can you drink on a keto diet? Or How much water to drink on keto diet

If you are feeling thirsty while using the keto diet formulation. It is important for you to stay well hydrated to perform best. It is important for you to know what is the best drinks for you and what kind of drinks you need to avoid while using the Keto Diet formulation.

The simplest tip is that water is considered as the most wonderful drink for you. Whether it is flat or sparkly, it is not added with any kind of carbs and it is the great thirst quencher. All you just need to add the pinch of salt in water in the case if you are suffering from the keto flu or with the headache.

The other great drink to intake is the tea and coffee but keep it in your mind that do not add the amount of sugar in it. Very rare of the time the glass of wine can also be okay.

This painterly guide portrays the greatest and poorest options for you.

The statistics are in the grams of the net carbs that is in the typical portion, like the size that is served in the restaurant or the quantity that is packaged in the typical bottle.

You can also drink with the green numbers that are good with the Keto Diet options. Drinks with the symbols that have some unusual warnings.

Concerning with the coffee or tea you can add a teaspoon of sugar that might be equal of 4 grams of carbs, that will make it hard to stay under the keto’s of about 20 grams carbs of the day.

How much sodium do I need on keto diet:

When you are at the ketogenic diet, your sodium levels can be drop expressively as your body started to use additional of it to convert your fat into the level of energy. You must be having for about 3,000 to 5,000 milligrams of naturally happening that are added with the sodium. Do not be afraid of using salt unless you are suffering from the medical disorder that confines your sodium consumption, such as in the matter of kidney problem, instability of blood pressure or suffering from the cardiac problems. In all of these cases, you need to consult your doctor or with some healthcare professional before going to add the quantity of sodium in your diet routine.

How to get enough fat on keto diet? Or How to add fat to keto diet

It is cleared that most of the ketogenic diets are added with the higher level of fats, they are adequate with the protein and low in the carbohydrates. The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to make your body into that state which is recognized as the ketosis. Usually, the macronutrient percentage varies inside the following arrays:

  1. About 60 to 75% of calories taken from the fat or can be more.
  2. About 15 to 30% of the calories from the protein
  3. About 5 to 10% of the calories from the carbs.

However, the ratios are comparative and we cannot say anything about the quantity of calories that you can consume. Its percentages will provide you the idea of the macronutrient arrangement of your regular diet. To regulate the quantity of calories, you need to look at complete numbers such as macronutrients in the form of grams. So, it will be totally diverse to consume for about 4,000 kcal and about 2,000 kcal on the ketogenic diet.

How many grams of sugar on keto diet:

when it is all comes about to the non-sugary sweeteners, then you need to remember 2 factors that are really important for the reduction of weight to manage your diabetes the first thing is to consume the total calories, the other thing is the glycemic directory. Preferably, you must consume the sweeteners with about low-calories amount, and that is relaxed enough to comprehend. Though a lot of the sweeteners that are added with the “0 calories” consume with the high glycemic directory this will makes it bad for you just because they will push the level of your blood sugar and also the level of insulin. They will also boost your insulin resistance and may even lead you for the weight improvement though running with the caloric shortage. Glycemic index is a compound that measure the impact of what you eat on your level of blood sugar. Some sweeteners might have added with both the low calorie that count and added with the low glycemic guides. This will mean that precisely you are not eating enough sugar nor are you driving up the level of your blood sugar or insulin for no any good motive. The part of the assistances that comes with the keto are the significance of your insulin managing.

How long you need to intake keto diet? Or How long does it take to get into ketosis on keto diet? Or keto diet how long to get into ketosis Or how long does it take to lose weight in ketosis?

It is suggested for you to intake the Keto Diet for about three months regularly. it will start its working with in less than a week but to complete the process of ketosis you need to intake this supplement regularly in your routine. Most of the people skip the dose of the Keto Diet in the middle and do not complete the full limit of this supplement as the result they never reach to the best advantage of this supplement. It is the suggestion of the manufacturer to intake this supplement for about three months to get your dream results and to reduce your weight.

How to get off keto diet:

The main problem while you are dieting is that whether the keto or the other diet is that when you will be going to stop, then what to do for the next? Most of the people just end up with going back to the means they ate before, which was not working for them earlier, so why it would work for now? This is particularly true if you are on the Keto Diet for weight reduction. Afterwards restricting with your carbs for about so long, you are more probable to overcook them once you are allowed yourself to consume them once again. In the first times when you eat the carbs post keto, that look to see what about one serving extent is and you need to stick with that. You need to start with the unprocessed carbs as compare to try heavy things such as bakery items like cupcakes, creamy cakes and pasta. You need to start with non-starch vegies, whole grain food items and sugary beverages.

How much water to drink on keto diet? Or How much water should I drink on keto diet

Rendering to the scientific study, it is suggested that the people who are opting for the Keto Diet must opt for about minimum of sixty-four ounces of water in their everyday routine. In fact, about 11 glasses of water in a day for females and about 16 glasses of water for males are highly suggested. Though, this rule will not apply to everybody. Water consumption might vary from the person to person rendering to the person’s body physique, sporty performance, life routine, stage, and according to gender, etc.

Also, existing in the cold or hot area also distresses your water consumption as the person living in the warmer area would tend to the sweat extra and then lose additional water than the person who is living in the colder environment.

In the case if you are not sure about what quantity of water precisely you need to be intake, then you might always usage this approval above as an initial point. By drinking more level of water than the condition has the slight potential to cause you harm.

Why am I not losing weight on the keto diet?

Ketosis is the state of your body in which your fats of body started to get turned into the level of energy in the place of carbs.  If you are not losing your weight while using the Keto Diet than its mean that you are eating a lot in your general routine. There are the drawbacks to over consume while you are trying to reduce your weight on the keto Diet. The reason is that you might not eating enough food and your level of metabolism is not stable as the result you will not able to reduce your weight. in the case if you are eating lot of protein than you will also not able to reduce your weight. Sometime you might intake lots of carbs as the result your weight will not going to be reduced. For that you need to follow the perfect diet plan. In the case if you are suffering from the milk allergies than as the result you might face the inflammation. That is the main reason you are not going to experience weight reduction. In the case if you are not going to have enough sleep, you are having the habit of overeating than you might be experience the weight gain not the weight loss.

What alcohol can I drink on keto diet? Or what can I drink on keto diet? Or can you drink alcohol on the keto diet?

The alcohols that might be considered as the keto alcohols are any vibrant liquors that are about 40% of alcohol.

Here is the list of all those alcohols that you can consume on Keto Diet.

  1. Tequila
  2. Cognac
  3. Whiskey
  4. Gin
  5. Vodka
  6. Rum
  7. Scotch
  8. Brandy

The name of the alcohol that are given at above will provide you so many options to enjoy your drink while you are at the Keto Diet. There is also the choice for you to mix your drink with another alcoholic drink. You can also enjoy some slight beers and the other wines while you are at the Keto Diet, but be aware of how much you are consuming and pay devotion to the tags to comprehend exactly what you are actually consuming. In the general, if you really want to drink the beer than you need to be aware of how much you are going to drink and recognize the contents of beer.

Keto Diet what to expect? Or How to start keto diet reddit?

Keto Diet is the natural weight reduction supplement that will help you to reduce your weight in the very less time. it will help you to start the process of ketosis in your body in which all the stubborn fats in your body started to get reduced and all of these fats will be converted into the level of energy. As the result you will never going to face any kind pf fatigue and exhaustion. Keto Diet will help you to perform energetically throughout your day and never let you get tired. It will moreover help you to stable your metabolism and improve your digestion. It will help you not to eat a lot and also control over your food cravings. That will help you not to eat also even when you are extreme hungry. because the natural elements of this supplement will help you to keep your stomach full for the long time.

what supplements should I take on keto diet? Or what supplements to take on keto diet? Or what vitamins should I take on keto diet?

following are the supplement that you need to take with Keto Diet:

Exogenous ketones:

Exogenous ketones are the ketones in that is available in the form of supplement. They are comprised in the same molecular form in the ketones that is make by your body. You may find them in the liquid, ash, and in the form of pill. Study has previously shown that they really do put in your body into the ketosis so by that these keto formulations are certainly no gimmic for you.

MCT Oil:

MCT Oil is the unique kind of clear and no taste oil that is adding with pure Medium-chain. MCTs are basically the fats that are used by your body easily as compare to other fats. Creators extract MCTs from also coconut or from the palm kernel oil. It is suggested by the doctors as it helps you to deal you’re your digestive matters.

Collagen Peptides:

Collagen is known as the most abundant protein that is existing in your body. it will help you to improve your skin, build your bones, and help you to strengthen your tissues.


Electrolytes supplementing is important in your diet, especially when you are on the Keto Diet at the first week that will help you to deal with the Keto flu matters.


The deficiency of fiber in your Keto diet might leave you with the feeling of constipated. The higher consumption of fat can be hard for your digestive function as the result you might gain lot of fats.

Fish Oil Supplements:

Fish oil is finest source of omega-3 that is really important for your body. it is important for your cell membranes and signaling your molecules that will help you to produce enough energy. Omega-3s also protect you from inflammation and improve the working of your brain.

what is keto diet?

Keto Diet is the natural weight reducing supplement that works naturally as compare to the other supplement. You do not need to go on the strict diet while using this supplement as it will help you to reduce your food appetite and deal with all your food cravings so by that you do not feel cravings to intake lot of fats and other unhygienic food. It is added with the natural proteins and vitamins that will help you to restored the level of your energy and never let you face fatigue and exhaustion. It is added with the natural herbal extracts that works for you to melt down your calories and fats.

Definition of Keto Diet:

The ketogenic eating regimen is a high-fat, satisfactory protein, low-starch count calories that in pharmaceutical is utilized fundamentally to treat hard to-control (unmanageable) epilepsy in kids. The eating routine powers the body to consume fats as opposed to starches. Regularly, the starches contained in nourishment are changed over into glucose, which is then transported around the body and is especially essential in energizing mind work. Notwithstanding, if there is little starch in the eating regimen, the liver proselyte’s fat into unsaturated fats and ketone bodies. The ketone bodies go into the cerebrum and supplant glucose as a vitality source. A raised level of ketone bodies in the blood, a state known as ketosis, prompts a decrease in the recurrence of epileptic seizures. Almost 50% of kids, and youngsters, with epilepsy who have attempted some type of this eating routine saw the quantity of seizures drop by at any rate half, and the impact perseveres even in the wake of ending the diet. There is some proof that grown-ups with epilepsy may profit by the eating regimen, and that a less strict regimen, for example, an altered Atkins consume less calories, is correspondingly effective. The most well-known unfriendly impact is obstruction, influencing around 30% of patients this was because of liquid confinement, which was previously a component of the eating regimen.

how to get fiber on keto diet?

you can get fiber by the following things.

High-Fiber Vegetables:

This is effective and quick way to gain fiber when you are on keto diet is by intaking green leafy vegies.  You can also eat onions, garlic and other herbs as a low carb diet. Avocados are the also good source of fiber to make you healthy.

  1. Nuts and Seeds:

Nuts are also the source of fiber, but some comprise with too many carbs to intake regularly on the keto diet. So, you can eat pecans and the brazil nuts to gain fiber.

  1. Pumpkin seeds
  2. Hemp seeds
  3. Flax seeds
  4. Chia seeds
  5. Pumpkin seeds

All of these seeds will help you to intake the fiber and considered as the best source of fiber for your body.

Celebrities who do keto diet:

there are the following celebrities who were on the Keto Diet:

Halle Berry:

She was on Keto diet that truly help het to reduce her baby belly, help her to over appetite, and enhance the level of energy.  Keto Diet also help her to improve her mental functioning.

Vanessa Hudgens:

She was also on Keto Diet. According to her it is the best option to reduce weight without any kind of side effects. this supplement truly helps her to lose several pounds of weight.

Megan Fox:

She found the great difference in her body before and after on the Keto Diet according to her it is highly suggested for all those who want to get the slim and smart figure in less time.

Kourtney Kardashian:

We can see that she got the beautiful shape of body after using the keto diet. This was really help her to control over her food cravings and to enhance her energy level.

what to eat on keto diet bodybuilding Or How to gain weight on keto diet?

If you want to get a strong muscle by using the Keto Diet than you need to consume high amount of protein in your daily routine. without the enough level of protein, you will never get the healthy and bulkier muscles.

The other thing is that you need to consume higher level of calories that is important for you to get the strong and muscular body. when you will on the Keto Diet all of the enough calories that you consume will get converted into the form of energy. this process is called ketosis.

The other thing to get the stronger body and muscles than you need to drink enough amount of water. Our body is comprised with the 70 percent of water. By doing you regular workout lot of water will get out from your pores in the form of sweat. That is why it is recommended for you to drink plenty of water that will help you to stay energetic and fresh throughout your workout performance.

Regardless of different variables impact on the ketosis, it is very significant to start anywhere, and the carbs are the most significant metric to begin with the keto diet.

For the people, by keeping total carbs that are below than the 35g and the net carbs that are below than the 25g will deliver them the deep ketosis about a week.

how many carbs should you eat on a keto diet?

If you are considering the word keto than keep it in your mind that you will need to study everything you need to worked out that is down with the previous gram regarding with how many carbs you can consume in your daily routine.

One thing is for sure that the statement about low carb is not open to clarification. This is not a rapid fix diet; it is destined to endorse real and permanent change for your entire body that is ultimately going to support you to become less reliant on the glucose and will be able to melt fats to gain enough level of energy. you can intake about 5 to 10% of carbohydrates on your daily routine basis if you are on the keto diet that will help you to control over the development of fats in your body and restore your energy level that will support you to stay energetic throughout your long day.

Is keto diet dangerous?

So many people frequently asked this question that is the Keto Diet is dangerous the simple answer of your question is that absolutely not. Keto Diet is not dangerous infect it is completely healthy and beneficial for all those who are on the Keto Diet. It will help you to reduce your weight and prevent you from obesity. It will moreover help you to control over your fats development and never let the fats stored in your body. but if you are on the medicines or using some medications than it is suggested for you to consults with your doctor first before starting the ketogenic diet to stay safe and healthy.

can you eat fruit on the keto diet?

So many people asked this question that either they can eat fruit on the Keto Diet? The answer is you cannot eat all the fruits on the Keto Diet but you can eat the precise fruits on the keto diet that will help you to improve your health and let you stay healthy. you can eat avocados, raspberries, berries, coconut, tomatoes, black berries, olives and lemon. When you are at the keto diet. You can check the proper keto diet chart so by that you will come to know that how much portion of fruit you can consume in your routine. that will help you even more to proceed your keto diet more easily.

Can you eat peanut butter on a keto diet?

At the initial stage of Keto Diet, the Peanut butter should not to intake. Once you starting the keto diet induced and trailed it for the good quantity of time approx. 10 to the maximum12 weeks. after then that you can add peanut butter in your routine keto diet. But it must be very pure peanut butter and it must not be added with sugar or any other unnatural oils. You need to get the good quality of unsweetened peanut butter so by that you can prepare it at your home that will would be best for you. But again, with the Quantity of peanut butter you should take the great care of and must consumed it in the specific amount on your routine basis.

We can say that the Peanut Butter is the best snack that is enriched with the higher level of protein and enriched with fats, peanut butter that is the perfect snack for someone who is following the Keto diet. You can add only that peanut butter that is free from excess oil and also with the extra fats.

Does keto diet raise cholesterol?

The common misconception was that just because of the keto diets are enriched with fats, they must add with the higher level of cholesterol in your entire body and will definitely going to be block your arteries that is extremely dangerous. Though, so much of the latest research shows that the Keto can will help you to stable the levels of your cholesterol and will also help you to improve your heart health. so by that we can say that you can use the Keto Diet without any kind of your health risk as it will help you to stable the level of cholesterol and will not increase it that is completely safe for your health and general health of your heart. You can start your Keto Diet without any kind of health risk.

what does the keto diet consist of?

A keto diet is known as the low carb diet and also, we can say that it is the heavy fats diet that also shares with so many resemblances with your low carb diets. It includes severely reduce the level of your carbohydrate that intake and substituting it with the level of fats. This reduction of carbs will put in to your body into the stable rate of metabolic that is known as the ketosis. In which all the fats that are existing in your body will get melt and they will be converted in to the form of energy. it will make your body highly active and energetic to perform your routine task.

Is a keto diet good for diabetics?

Yes, Keto Diet can be suggested for those who are suffering from the diabetics but those patients must consult to their doctor before starting the keto diet. There are two types of diabetics and that is why it is better for you to consult with your doctor before you are going to start your keto diet. In the case of not feeling good or the impropriate result you need to stop doing your diet immediately and seek for the more professional advice of specialist. it can be said that this keto diet is not suggested for the patient who are dealing with the diabetes type 1 and it is effective for the type 2.

Is hummus keto diet friendly?

It is suggested for you that you must not use the pita bread when you are at the keto diet. You need to use vegetables to devour hummus. Most of the fats and the omega 3 fatty acids that can shield any of the insulin response will support you to reduce your weight. It is okay to have the moderate about of the hummus on the keto diet. This is the additional time that helps to whip” or to cream the tahini that is making the hummus. Hummus is the other form of protein that you can intake in your low carb diet. But be careful about its portion that you will be going to add in your keto diet.

Can you eat bananas on the keto diet?

No absolutely not bananas have about 25 grams of carbs added per 100g in the serving, that is the size of the average medium sized of banana. Just because of this, they will deliver you the impact upon the level of your blood sugar so by that you need to avoid them when you are at the ketogenic diet. In the case if you want to wat bananas than you need to perform some specific workout that will beneficial for you. Other vise it might be possible that bananas will going to harm your keto diet. All those people who are at the Keto Diet they must avoid the use of banana in routine.

is popcorn on the keto diet?

Popcorns is the favorite of everybody. Some people have the cravings to intake the popcorns specially when they are at the keto diet. There s no harm to intake about the one cup of popcorns in your routine. it is added with the 10 to 20 percent of carbs that is completely fine for you. But keep remember that do not intake the excessive amount of popcorns otherwise it will be affected upon your low carb diet. So we can say that there I no worry to add the little amount of popcorns I your keto diet routine as it will never going to disturb your keto diet.

Pros and cons of keto diet?

There are the following pros and cons of the Keto Diet:

Pros of keto diet:

  1. It will help you to reduce the inflammation in your body and stable the level of insulin.
  2. It will help you to reduce your weight.
  3. It will help you to enhance the level of energy.
  4. It is the great way to detox you from the sugar.
  5. It will help you to melt down your fats and calories.

Cons of Keto Diet:

  1. It is really not easy to follow for everybody.
  2. It might not deliver you the ling term health or weight reduction advantages.
  3. You cannot eat more than you want to eat.
  4. It might not be suggested for all kind of people with different medical backgrounds.


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