Reviews: Is it a Scam Or Legit? There are a lot of people who are beginning to see online games and are looking for a high degree of freedom even among those looking for new titles. There are various genres such as MMO, MMORPG, action, FPS, TPS, MOBA type, card game, etc. in online games.

Although each charm differs for each genre, it is generally a strategy battle that requires quests and hunting, raises the level, enjoys party play with friends, burning in interpersonal warfare, requires brains, I think that it is the attraction of online games that there are various things that you can skillfully enjoy watching enemies and exhilarating feelings. Of course, there is also a game that only talks with chatting friends.

Archiage is highly popular with high degrees of freedom

In such circumstances it is said that freedom is high and popular is “archaege”. Although it was a monthly system at the beginning of service opening, it is now free of charge and anyone can feel free to start playing games. As a result, since the population has increased since the beginning of service, we will not have trouble gathering friends with quests and dungeons that require cooperative play.

There are 120 kinds of occupations in Archaage, and by combining ten different aptitudes as you like, battle according to your play style is made possible. Furthermore, not only battle but life style is as if it is like a real world.

You can make most of the necessary things such as home, food, clothes, paintings, boats, etc. with the materials collected in the game. The house can be built in any field if the field is free and you can also make fields. In the field you can also grow crops and breed livestock. It is possible to create their own town by cooperating with their colleagues.

In MMORPG, it is only Archaegee that you can set up a house, make a city, farm work and enjoy both traditional MMORPG such as hunting and quest and battle. Chara making can also be customized finely, so it will not be the same face as yourself as it is not the default, so you will be more attached to your character. Also, it is a toy stuffed craftsman who is recommended for those who like cute. It is also possible to create a fairy tale world that makes chestnuts and stuffed toys.

Furthermore, there is a system called UCC (User Created Contents) for those who want to maximize their view of the world. UCC is a technology that allows you to reflect your favorite images on items in the game. Even images picked up on the net are fine, but if you use graphic software to create original textures and illustrations and reflect them on the items in the game you can make only one complete original item in the world.

Recommended for people who want to collect actions such as hunting and fighting and chillin production system together. It is the best game for those who want to make their own world. Even beginners are easy to understand and easy to understand, so there is nothing to worry about.

Is it satisfying even if you prepare the PC environment?

Archaagei is also famous for its beautiful graphics. I realize a real world that I do not feel as a game. Therefore, the required operating environment is also becoming higher. Although it can be made lighter by the settings in the game, the graphics become dirty at once, and the appeal of archaeage is halved.

Because it is a beautiful world with a great deal, the highest should be enjoyed with image quality! I actually realized that I played. Especially when making monozukuri, the best image quality is better understood, so even if you use UCC you can enjoy the same graphic as it was created. There is also a discount BTO personal computer for games . It is recommended as it is easy to prepare the environment because archaage recommendation PC etc. are out now.

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