Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress is a store located in New York. They are one of the leading mattress retailers in the US today. Currently, they are just housing some of the most reliable mattress brands in the market such as Serta, Simmons, Spring Air, Tempur pedic and Therapedic. Unlike other mattress retailers, they do not create their own line of mattresses. You are free to choose from their roomful of mattress options from the best brands today.

Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress is undoubtedly just one of the numerous retailers in New York and all over the US. With so many retailers to choose from, why should you trust them? They have stressed out the things that make them better to other competing retailers:

They Have Well-Trained Staff

Most of their employees have been with them for over 20 years already. Being well-acquainted with the sleep industry, they can assist you in finding the right mattress for your needs. The have undergone product trainings that increased their knowledge on various sleep problems and their corresponding solutions.

Metro also takes pride in the dedication and friendliness of their staff so every consumer can walk out of the store feeling happy about their purchase. If you are after a fuss-free shopping experience, you can try buying your mattress from this store.

They Are The Biggest Mattress Store In New York

The state of New York is currently being dominated by this mattress store. They have been in this business for over 35 years already. The length of time they spent in this business should mean that they are doing something right. They offer mattresses of various prices for you to find the right one that will suit your requirements.

Top Advantages of Shopping from Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress

If you choose this mattress as your retailer choice, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Citi Retail Services as its Primary Finance Option

If you have a Citi Retain Services application that has been approved, you can use that to purchase conveniently. Metro would require a copy of your approved application, your account number and your identification card. This is an ideal financing option for those who are hard-pressed for time. You can just apply online and shop for your new mattress using the credit limit that has been approved by this finance option.

No Credit Check Financing Option

There a lot of people who have a rather complicated credit history. Often times, the fault is also with the credit company. This deters other people from using their credit line in buying because a bad credit history is reflective of their ability to pay. With this option, you can buy your mattress set without worrying about your complex credit history.

Progressive Finance for No Credit Check


If you have no credit check, you can take advantage of the Progressive finance option of Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress. They provide 90 days for payments. It is quite similar to the Cash E-Z pay financing. You need only to fill out an application form and have it approved. Present your application number and any photo identification card.

50 Beds in 50 Days

This offer is Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress’ form of appreciation to their loyal customers. They are giving away free mattresses for specific areas in New York most in need of mattresses. They are giving 50 beds for every area. That totals to 200 beds all over Buffalo, Rochester, Albany and Syracuse. If you are from an organization that needs to new mattresses, you can submit an application form.

Pros and Cons Of Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress

More often than not, irate customers or employees will be more inclined leave negative feedbacks compared to satisfied consumers. If you read anything that might mar the reputation of Metro, do not think that the review will speak for all their customers. What I am trying to say is that all companies have their share of good and bad feedbacks. It is just a matter of sorting through those mixed reviews. Besides, buying from any company still entails a lot of risk. You just have to be a discriminating consumer.

There were a few claims that this company sells overpriced mattresses. But according to loyal customers, the prices are just right. If you are doubtful, you can do a comparison before buying. You can get price quotes from other mattress stores and you might even end up buying the mattress from Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress because they are a lot cheaper.

According to some consumers, the store staff will not really push expensive mattresses on you if you tell them right away that you are comparing prices. They will not really talk you into buying a very expensive bed if you don’t have any money. They will, in fact, help you find the right mattress that can fit your budget requirements. Even in the mattress industry, if you don’t have negotiation skills, you won’t be able to stretch your buck.

They carry some of the best lines and brands of mattresses today. Sealy and Tempur pedic are just some of them. If you are after high-quality mattress made from the best and the most durable materials, you can purchase your bed from them.

Basically, Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress follows as 12-step selling process. This selling process was created by the most successful people in the sales industry. Metro will be able to provide you a decent mattress rate without going overboard and they will still get their profit.

They also offer discounts during special events. Mattresses are best bought when the demand for it is higher. Also, they are currently developing an online marketing strategy that will let you browse over their mattress offers online. You can soon buy your mattress set without stepping in the store. If you are a busy person, you can wait for their online store to start up before buying. This is also an ideal way of buying for those who do not want to be pressured into buying by sales representatives. I think it is worth buying a new mattress from Northern Nights Dream Hybrid Mattress.

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