Ripple Coin Price Analysis (XRP / USD)

Last week was rich in twists and turns. The price of Bitcoin has managed to maintain itself. Others, such as the course of Ether, have suffered a real fall.

The Ripple (XRP )  is definitely one of the big winners of the week . The price of the Ripple closed the period around $ 0.30 after having begun at about $ 0.26, an increase of 15%.

Dollar Ripple Rising Against Dollar (XRP / USD) Encouraging

If the Ripple (XRP) was coming back this week, it is necessary to put this in perspective with the continuous descent that the cryptocurrency knows this year. Since March 2018, the Ripple has remained below the $ 1 mark . Other altcoins such as Ether (ETH)  and Stellar (XML) had a much easier beginning in 2018. It is therefore time for an upturn and hope that the upward trend started this week is confirmed in the coming days.

Will Ripple support its XRP currency at any cost?

The technology offered by Ripple is receiving approval. Their payment system offers a credible alternative to the original PayPal model . On the other hand, we know that Ripple’s strength lies in its partnerships with the big names in finance, especially banks. Many are waiting for the realization of his collaboration announced with JP Morgan . Given its willingness to disseminate its payment protocol and compete with giants such as SWIFT, it is likely that in the long run, the only choice available to Ripple is to ensure the stability of its cryptocurrency or to consider another alternative.

Our predictions on the evolution of the price of the Ripple (XRP / USD)

Ripple’s long-term future is uncertain. Competition is difficult especially with Stellar (XML).

Nevertheless, we believe that cryptocurrency will eventually stabilize at a rate well above the current rate and above $ 3. Ripple has a significant portion of all Ripple currencies and therefore has significant power over the underlying price. Given the value of the technology offered by the company, it is not in his interest to stoop his cryptocurrency.

In the medium term, Ripple remains the third capitalization on the cryptocurrency market and it is therefore worth buying Ripple  because its course will jump many more as and when new partnerships with traditional banking players. Once the price has stabilized at (very) long term, the investment will become much less profitable even if still interesting.


* Warning:  our articles and predictions are based on our own experience. Do not consider them as investment recommendations.

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