sforway.com Reviews: Is it a Scam Or Legit?

sforway.com Reviews, an endless runner game, by Junglee Games, has been launched for Android devices. The 3D game features the beautiful landscape of India, be it a farm, a town or a highly sophisticated city! In this thrilling marathon, you have only one mission – to escape from forced arranged marriage by running as far as you can.

The free game will test your reflexes and only the best runaway groom or bride can escape the arranged marriage. Jump above the temple fires or slide below the pillars while you collect coins to upgrade your character. Also, look out for incoming traffic in form of Indian auto rickshaws that will halt your run forever!

You are never along in this Indian twist on runner games! You will get help from a gorgeous white horse that will help you go that extra mile. Also, collect coins while running and protect yourself from all obstacles with shields and magnets. You can collect even more coins with power ups, which will double all the coins you collect.

The only thing you have to look out while playing this game is the incoming traffic which will cost your freedom to marry on your will!

Some of the best features of the Arranged Marriage game are:

  • Beautiful Locations to Run
  • 3D Experience
  • Horse Ride Guaranteed
  • Power Ups – Magnet, Shield and more.
  • Leaderboard with Facebook Connect feature

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