Soundhound Android App Review

Soundhound Android App Review

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The Sound hound is a music search engine it has impressive ability to identify the track by playing it. It has an impressive element which detects the song by simply playing or humming the lyrics & it can also recognize the music which playing via radio. It’s enough! No here’s more, it provides you wealth information of track for instance; singer name, song lyrics, song’s YouTube link, singer’s social updates and much more.

Here are some key features of Sound hound which I mentioning in down rows;

  • It has amazing feature which allows you blazing fast music recognition within seconds.
  • By singing or humming few lyrics the sound hound gives you ton of information related to the track.
  • The sound hound app shows you live lyrics by moving with the time and words of song.
  • It allows you sharing  at social networking websites (Facebook, twitter, Google plus)
  • It gives you real time updates of your favorite artist from their official Facebook and twitter accounts.

Sound hound done a great job providing fast & accurate identification of your favorite tracks but it only works with internet, that’s why you need a Wi-Fi or data connection all the time when you using sound hound.

App Run on best Mobiles;

The highly compatible Android smart phones where you can run this app fluently;

  • SONY:                      Xperia Z ultra C6802
  • GOOGLE:               Nexus 5
  • Samsung:Galaxy S4 l9506
  • HTC:                         ONE Max
  • T-MOBILE:          MY TOUCH
  • LG:                            OPTIMUS G2 D802
  • HUAWEI:            ASCEND P6
  • MOTROLA:         Moto XT1058

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