Top 10 Ways to Superstardom

If you have a talent and think it’s about time the world recognized it, here are some helpful tips to get you on your way.

1. Find your XFactor

One way to catapult your way to superstardom is to become a part of millions of people’s Saturday nights in by becoming an XFactor contestant. You’ll need to be able to hold a tune but it’s more than that. You won’t get the votes if you don’t have a ‘quality’, whether it is an outrageous sense of humour, a gutsy attitude or unrivalled sex appeal. You can start by trying to win some Pepsi XFactor tickets and watching the contestants in action to pick up some performance tips.

2. Invent something

Do you ever look at your Dyson hoover and think “I could have done that”? Or, even the simple paper clip, a sparky invention that revolutionized filing. Maybe you have a family recipe for a hot Jamaican sauce? Take it to the Dragon’s Den and watch the money and fame roll in.

3. Write a racy novel

You’ve poured your thoughts into diary entries, scribbled ideas on Post-it notes, spent hours staring blankly at an even blanker screen and are finally ready to put pen to paper, or fingertips to keys. Then a moment of inspiration grabs you as you start describing the protagonist’s look of desire, “if I fill this book with sex, it’s sure to sell”. Publishers and readers lap it up and your racy novel heads straight to the top of the book chart. Job done.

4. Have a viral YouTube hit

YouTube videos are an entertaining lunchtime diversion and something you can discuss, laugh about and use to brighten up an otherwise average day. Whether you’re a 15 year-old boy with the lip-syncing skills of a boy band or a slice and chop video tech whizz with a skill for parody, social video offers the perfect opportunity to get your talent out there to the masses on a global scale.

5. Become a successful blogger

Anyone can set up a blog (as long as you have access to a computer and internet connection). This makes it difficult to stand out amongst the online noise. So what’s the trick to turn an average blog into a super one? Not only will you need to churn out a lot of content but it has to be one great post idea after another. Passion for your blog subject is essential, as is the ability to engage with your readers, get their opinions and ideas and respond to comments.

6. Become the first

Unless you’re a massive sports fan, you’re unlikely to have heard of many athletes before the hype of the Olympics. Mo Farah has risen to fame after becoming the first Briton to win an Olympic 10,000 metre final. This feat made him headline news. He is now so well-loved that there’s a Mo Farah Sheer Greatness app and the BBC is reviving Superstars, a competition which pits athletes from different sports against each other, Mo Farah included.

7. Become a model

Do you turn heads when you walk down the street and find the opposite sex flock around you? Then what are you waiting for? Take some head shots and get down to your nearest model agency. You may have just the look they’re looking for and they could help you onto the runway or magazine cover of your dreams.

8. Be a reality TV star

You don’t always need talent to be famous. If you manoeuvre yourself into the right circles you may be asked to be part of a reality TV show. When there, use your time to make an impression in whatever way you can. Start a relationship with your hot co-star, have an argument with your best friend on the show or generally cause a stir. More people will talk about you on Twitter and all the magazines will want that exclusive interview to get your side of the story.

9. Get fat then thin again

If you’re even a little bit known in the public eye, put on weight and there’s a high chance it will be picked up by the tabloids. You may be faced with a less than flattering photo of yourself, bulging bits on show while trying to relax on holiday. You can use this exposure to your advantage by drastically shedding the excess weight and releasing a fitness video to explain how you did it.

10. Be the worst


If all else fails and your talents get you nowhere, you can still capitalize on this failure by becoming the absolute worst at something. Whether it’s being the worst driver or family, there is a TV show out there looking for your contribution.

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