Vstroll Murphy Bed Reviews- WARNING – Does This Product Really Work? or Scam

A compact model Vstroll Murphy Bed for hard floors (such as the Dirt Devil or Bissell) is usually the cleaning instrument of choice because it’s far more effectual than any other method for keeping wood, stone and tile surfaces clean.  Even chemically-based steaming units, available for rent commercially, are not as effective as simple steam cleaning.

There are several reasons why a Vstroll Murphy Bed should be the choice for cleaning hard floors.

First, a compact model is just as effective as a massive unit; far more so, because there is no heavy machinery to lug around the house.  The compact fits handily in the closet until it is ready for use.

Second, a compact is usually uncomplicated to operate; instead of chemicals, it runs only on clean, pure water to produce steam, which cannot be said of the bulkier units, all of which need chemicals for the best effect.

The elimination of chemicals in the cleaning solvent goes a long way towards preventing eye irritation, skin rashes and fits of sneezing; one should not be spreading germs during cleaning!

Finally, a steam cleaning mop, compact or otherwise, that uses no chemicals has a much faster and more efficient drying time.  With chemically based solvents, such drying times can be hours in length, and, if one is cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, one cannot access sinks, toilets, refrigerators or any other appliance until the floors are clean.

The ideal Vstroll Murphy Bed should include an upright feature; it should be electrically driven but have the “green” option of simple hand-and-foot motion to move its mop heads.  It should balance easily in the cleaning hand, and dispense water or steam evenly and sparingly.  There is no need for a huge spill of water to achieve an effective clean; in fact, the more economically the Vstroll Murphy Bed releases moisture, the better.

It should clean floors with all-natural steam, without chemicals or fumes or sticky solvent residues, which only delay drying time and give the housekeeper more to clean up.  As noted, steam cleaning dries far more quickly all by itself.

The swivel mop should be fully articulated and move in a 360 degree motion to ensure the proper “tidal wave” movements necessary to clean a large surface area; this is usually done with “waves” of moisture being distributed back and forth across the hard floor.  Obviously, the swivel head must go tightly around corners and into small square areas so that not a millimeter of tile or wood or stone is not effectively and thoroughly cleansed.

The mop pads should be washable and reusable, for purposes of economy and to be able to complete the job at once.  These should be made of an absorbent micro-fiber mix that will gather up dirt and dust, hold water and be able to rinse under the hottest possible tap, or cleaned in a hot-water wash.

Hot steam cleaning is how many housekeepers down through the centuries kept their floors shiny, whether they were the tile floors of a villa or the flagstones of a palace.  The compact Vstroll Murphy Bed is doubtless the cleaning implement they would have preferred.

One thought on “Vstroll Murphy Bed Reviews- WARNING – Does This Product Really Work? or Scam

  1. Doreen Jackson
    December 12, 2018 at 9:10 pm

    Is this a scam? Murphy chest bed? They have already taken my money from bank. Doreen Jackson

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