What are The Duties and Responsibilities of a Medical Assistant?

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Medical Assistants also answers the phone, greets the doctor’s patient, prepares the medication, handles billing, bookkeeping, assists during diagnostic procedures and so much more.

Here’s a short list of what Medical assistants can do: (May depend on Health care facility protocols)

  • Sterilize Medical Equipments and Materials
  • Gives Instructions to Patients about Meds and Special Diets
  • Can Also Draw Blood Specimens and send it to the Laboratory
  • Assists in the smooth flow of communication between the client/patient and the health care provider.

If you are interested to become a Medical Assistant and start a new and rewarding career, I would strongly advise that you decide if you want to be certified or registered. It is both a designation that can be added to your name.

When you are Certified and Registered you would immediately gain an advantage over other Medical Assistants when looking for a Job as more employers are requiring certification or registration before hiring someone.

The Outlook for Medical Assistants are really great, because the US Department of Labor has predicted that Medical Assistants have become one of the fastest growing occupations up to the year 2018.

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