Wild Yam Extract – Promote fluid secretion and the benefit of the lung

Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) is a plant widely used as an herbal supplement to treat menstrual cramps, nausea, hot flashes and morning sickness. The root and bulb of the plant presume to contain diosgenin which is a chemical compound that mimics human hormones and is used to make various steroids, such as progesterone and Ehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). But the consumption of diosgenin in its natural state may not be effective because the human body can not transform the same thing into progesterone; the process can only be done in a laboratory.

Wild Yam

The wild grass develops in the form of a tubercular vine and has more than 600 species of which only 12 known varieties are consumable. Some of the most commonly found species that may contain diosgenin are Chinese yam, Mexican wild yam, American yam, Atlantic yam, China root, Mexican yam, wild Mexican yam.


  • Refill the spleen and stomach.
  • Promote fluid secretion and the benefit of the lung.
  • Strengthen the kidneys and restrict the rejections of the semen.
  • Increase hormones and regulate body functions.
  • Lower blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease and inflammation, protect the liver.

Extract of wild yam, which is a perennial plant of dioskorea, a liana of 1 to 4 meters.

There are more than 600 species of wild yam. Some of them are specifically grown as a source of diosgenin for the labs to use in the manufacture of steroids. These species are not usually eaten because of a bitter taste. Only about 12 of the 600 species are considered edible. Natural progesterone strikes the woman’s body with food, normalizes the balance of hormones, regulates the menstrual cycle, against the pain associated with menopause. Natural progesterone has long been used by women to prevent miscarriage – doctors still prescribe it in early pregnancy. As a vasodilator, wild yam extract also applies to spasms and convulsions associated with pre-menstrual tension syndrome. According to one study, the consumption of products containing phytoprogesterone significantly reduces the risk of diseases such as breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. Besides that wild yam extract is used in the treatment of arterial sclerosis, brain and heart vessels, therefore, to reduce blood pressure. Reduces headaches, tinnitus, fights fast fatigue, irritability, improves mood, sleep, memory.

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